Before reading this interface and workflow with Adobe Premiere Pro post, please read my earlier post on Getting started with Adobe Premiere Pro.

Interface and Workflow with Adobe Premiere Pro


In this part, you’ll be introduced to adobe premiere pro and you’ll be knowing about its interface, workflow which is very important to know before working on the adobe premiere pro.


If you are new to video editing you’ll find a lot of buttons in the default workspace but don’t worry, slowly you will be knowing what are the buttons for. The interface of adobe premiere pro is designed to make the editing easier. You’ll see two video monitors which are source monitor and program monitor, the timeline with a sequence name, project panel where you’ll see your imported media in the default editing workspace. 


Your Premiere pro workflow may vary due to your production needs. Here are some steps:

  • Create a project with a name and save it in a location
  • Create a sequence with your video settings or create the sequence automatically using the new sequence from clip later
  • Import media files
  • Organize them
  • Start editing
  • Send image files to Photoshop for retouching and use aftereffects for required effects
  • Send the audio to adobe audition for cleaning the audio and adding effects
  • Use the transitions and effects
  • Color correction and color grading
  • Exporting to the format you need.

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