Film Editing Tips and Song Editing Tips

Film Editing Tips and Song Editing Tips: Now you are going to understand how to edit a short film. So, let’s start the film editing before that let us go to the previous post where we discussed film editing. Film editing is the part of post-production and the person who does Film Editing is known as a Film Editor.

When it is performed well, the person who watches doesn’t aware of the editors’ work. So, it is often referred to as an invisible art. Editing and screenplay are mostly interrelated because editing mostly happens upon the screenplay.

Simply putting the pieces of film together, is not what an editor does. The editor cuts off film slates or edits dialogue scenes. A film editor must be creative and should creatively work on the layers of footages and there are many other things on which an editor should focus like the story, dialogue, music, pacing as well as the actor’s performances to effectively reimagine and even rewrite the film to craft a cohesive whole…before starting the film editing you first organize the media files and start doing a scene by scene and before doing every scene watch the footages many times, understand the concept of the scene, make sure of using best shots………….mainly work in a silent environment as you need a lot of concentration and you have to think a lot before finalizing an edit to make sure that you work in a silent environment.

Song Editing Tips

when it comes to song editing syncing is very important. We must sync to the beats sometimes, we must lip-sync to lyrics sometimes, we must sync the dance steps to music sometimes and yes, of course, we must use effects a lot sometimes and we must select best shots and altogether makes the viewer engaged in watching… For me song editing is a creative job, the more unique you plan the more beautiful would be the result. Before starting the song edit you should listen to song many times, understand the lyrics, watch each and every shot many times, plan what you going to do, refer songs of same genre which already been uploaded, refer always the popular one and observe the cuts and effects they used and then start the editing so let’s start our song editing now.


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