30 Seconds Online Video Editing Service


We do 30 Seconds Online Video Editing Service for an attractive price of just 500rs.


30 Seconds Online Video Editing Service

We do 30 Seconds Online Video Editing Service for an attractive price of just 500rs. Whether it may be a promo, film or TVC. But please note that this includes only basic editing with normal titles, if you need advanced title animations or effects for your video then please contact us before placing the order. You can trust our Online Video Editing Service as we have a lot of projects experience and expertise in what we do.

In our Online Video Editing Service, all you need to do is, buy the required duration of your project that needs to be edited by adding more 30 Seconds Online Video Editing Service product in your cart, for example, if you have a requirement of one-minute video output you need to increase quantity to 2 during the checkout so the total would be 1000rs.

Before and after placing your order, please make sure that you inform us and provide all the required materials to do the editing for us via wetransfer to our As soon as the order is placed you will receive an official confirmation to the email address you provide us and once we receive the amount you will get an official invoice with the authorized signature. There are two different types of payment methods which you can see on the checkout page, select your convenient option and proceed.

We will deliver your work within 24hrs via wetransfer to your email id but please note that it may take more time if the duration is more than 3o seconds.

After the delivery, we would do your two revisions for free of cost and we make sure we exactly do as per your mentioned changes but more than 2 revisions, it will be considered as an additional revision for which every time you have to pay the 50% amount of your order as a revision fee.

We Hope you love our Online Video Editing Service, and we look forward to working with you.

This Process is not limited just to this Product or Service but this is the actual process of doing the business on Edits Now website. We also give custom quotations or price depending upon the amount of time and work involved so it’s always better to have a conversation with us before making the purchase. Please note that, Once the order is placed it cannot be canceled, it can be upgraded with other additional services like 2d or 3d title animations, special effects, professional color grading, video stabilization, and so on.

The amount you pay wont to be refunded unless and until we fail to deliver the product or service on the discussed time.

Your Project would always be handled by the certified experts or professionals in the video editing or other post-production services.

We also offer lots of online post production services like mixing and mastering, color grading, graphics designing, motion graphics, VFX and lots more which we will post soon.

If you have any doubts or queries, you can always talk to us via email or by the call.


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