In this post, you will understand about the installing and license of the Adobe Premiere Pro application on your system to get started with your first editing project but before that, if you have not visited our post on what is adobe premiere pro please visit now.

How to install Adobe Premiere Pro?

You can download and install adobe premiere pro on your pc in three ways.

  1. Download from Adobe official site,
  2. Download from any third party site through searching on google,
  3. Download from torrent

But let me tell you the differences if you download from the official site of adobe you’ll get a virus or threats free software and if you download from any other sites searching from google lots of chances are there that you’ll get a virus-infected or hacking coded application that steals your pc data. So always download from the official site of adobe and downloading from torrents is considered as illegal and if you got traced you’ll be charged some amount of fine which mostly is high.

When it comes to licensing Adobe offers you a 30days free trial subscription with all the features and later if you want to use the software you need to buy a license which price depends in some categories.. choose what type of license you want and purchase it.

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