Teaser and Trailer Editing Tips in Premiere Pro CC by JJ Jitu Jitendra

First, let’s talk about Film Teaser Editing Tips. Film teaser plays an important role in the publicity of Film and even raises the curiosity and expectations on the film, so when it comes to editing part how should you make the teaser? Film teaser should not be more than 1 min. Big budget movies teaser in south India would be just a shot sometimes showing the actor walking or any action or any powerful or heart touching dialogue. The teaser should be confusing. In other words it should not reveal the story but just excite the audience with shots…….a dialogue with a one 5-10sec awesome captured shot of the movie or an important shot of the movie with 10 fast cuts of suspense or comedy or action with some infographics that is title animations with awesome background music makes a perfect teaser that really excites the audience to wait for the trailer and movie.

Wedding Teaser Editing Tips:

Same as the film teaser wedding teaser is also very important because it attracts the attention of the viewer. It also showcases your editing skills. In wedding teaser edit you have to take a small music or part of a song and sync its beats with funny and awesome moments of the wedding and add some nice elegant titles of the couple and add some effects that make a perfect teaser.


Film trailer should be a jaw-dropping one…. first, you release teaser which excites the viewer for the trailer, so your trailer must reach their expectations and maintain the same excitement to watch the movie. The teaser would be a confusing one where you’ll not reveal any part of the story but whereas in the trailer you should make the viewer have a glimpse on your story and your dialogues or action part in the movie. As per me, a 2min 30sec would be a decent length for a trailer. Like teaser, you have to include motion graphics text and this time you’ll also include film’s main technicians and producer names with the logo banner whereas in teaser you won’t add their names. As per me whatever genre of the film it would be, trailer start must be very slowly with long cuts or fast cuts and dialogues till 50% and the remaining 50% should increase the fast cuts with some background dialogues and increase till the end with a stunning background music with text and name boards.

Wedding Trailer Editing Tips:

Wedding trailer is the video that makes the viewer get attracted to your cuts, editing and become your client. It is the only method to showcase your talent and grab opportunities from the client’s circle. So now you might come to know how much important is the trailer is and you know what 50% of the trailer work is already done by you in highlights…all you need to do is just select the best shots, amazing moments and join them but don’t forget it should look like a story…in film teaser or trailer you won’t reveal story but it’s different in wedding trailer you have to be a nice storyteller with the shots you select and also try to make a 10-20% emotional with sad shots and nowadays few are making interview videos of couples family and friends about them and adding them in between and overlapping with their good shots makes beautiful and selection of song, syncing and applying effects with some text related to marriage or couple makes a perfect wedding film trailer.

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