Wedding Film Editing Tips in Adobe Premiere Pro CC by Edits Now

A wedding is considered as the most sensitive and emotional moment of life and mostly in weddings multicamera would be used to capture each and every moment perfectly without missing anything. When it comes to Wedding Editing we would be having a GB’s and GB’s of lengthy video footages, but the thing is wedding editors earlier used to keep all the videos and just add some wedding related songs in the background and add lots of effects and give to the client, but the trend has changed. Nowadays weddings are done as films, they are being captured in multi-camera in various angles and uses the jimmy jib, drone, slider and lot more equipment to record perfectly and professionally. So, when it comes to wedding film editing, it’s completely different from earlier wedding video mixing.

Here we have to work with multi-cameras, think creatively, watch the master camera shots of all moments and take only best moments and make a highlights version of its which should be more or less than 45min. Out of this 45min highlights version you have to take out 3-5min of best shots and moments and make a trailer out of it with some latest trending romantic or traditional song even for highlights you need to choose most recent and traditional or marriage based songs. After highlights and trailer you have to make a teaser from 3-5min of trailer which you made which should not be more than 1min and frankly speaking your trailer and teaser only would be viewed by people and highlights will be viewed by the couple families and relatives apart from this you need to make long edits where wedding complete version should be presented without any cuts but this would be viewed by only family members that are too not many times.

wedding film editing
All you have to do is work a lot on highlights, trailer and teaser because client see them only and give approval and, in this video, you going to learn exactly how to make a highlights video and how to do long Wedding film editing with tips…trailer and teaser will teach together with film trailer and teaser because there are most of the similarities in both the projects particularly in these two videos.

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