Interview Editing and Presentation Editing Tips in Premiere Pro CC by JJ Jitu Jitendra

Interview videos are the videos where you’ll find a lot of discussion or talks in the footages but when you simply add them all and show the viewer, in first few minutes only he’ll ask you to stop. In interview editing, you’ll find multi-camera footages because mostly interview videos are recorded in multi-camera only…one closeup on the host, one closeup on the person who is being interviewed, one wide angle of both in the frame. When you do the interview editing you obviously do by multi-camera editing method in adobe premiere pro and add the angle whenever one speaks but you must overlap with expressions of the listener too when you do editing. After overlapping you need to add some pics in between or some video to break the continues discussion that bores the viewer.

Presentation Editing in Adobe Premiere Pro:

Presentation editing is very easy. The presentation is nothing but presenting what’s on your mind visually on screen beautifully. For this, you might need to use effects, title animations, lower thirds, sound effects, music, voice. Interestingly you can record your voice over in adobe premiere pro itself using a microphone….so if you have watched our Tolly smash and Bolly smash episodes and news in our YouTube channel, 80% would be presentation editing only with a slideshow on voice over with music created in adobe premiere pro. The presentation is not just this, sometimes you need to do a presentation of your project visually and most people use PowerPoint to the job but if you do it in adobe premiere pro you’ll have a lot more benefits and you’ll present yourself with stunning presentation. Premiere pro with the combination of aftereffects delivers stunning results in presentation editing. But in this video, we will not use after effects we just use premiere pro for creating a voiceover news video.

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