Read interface and workflow of Adobe premiere pro post before reading this Adobe Premiere Pro Workspace.

Adobe Premiere Pro Workspace

By default, you’ll open Adobe Premiere Pro Workspace with the default editing workspace where you find all the panels required for editing the video but there are few more workspaces and every workspace changes your interface look and makes your work easier.

You can create your own workspaces and save them too apart from these workspaces… now the question is why workspace is so important to choose before you do a task? The answer is simple. Its save the time and make your work speed faster.

You’ll have 5 more pre-made workspaces available in the workspace panel or in windows menu workspace option and each have their own importance

  1. Assembly workspace…this is so useful when you are assembling your media files in the timeline. In this workspace you don’t have source monitor panel, project panel becomes large.
  2. Color workspace…this is very much useful when you are doing color correction or color grading as it shows all the panels required for color grading. In this workspace you’ll see in the place of project panel libraries panel is opened in small size and timeline and program monitor panels moves and the lumetri color panel is placed beside them and in the place of source monitor, you’ll find lumetri scopes panel. Which are very useful during color grading.
  3. Effects workspace…this is used when you work with effects for your videos, in this workspace you’ll not find source monitor and in the place of source monitor effects control panel would be seen and before the effects control panel you’ll see effects panel which is usually docked with project panel in editing workspace and in the place of project panel libraries panel will be seen.
  4. Audio workspace…in this workspace you’ll see audio clip mixer panel opened in the place of source monitor and before this effects panel will be seen and down in the place of project panel you’ll find info panel this time and timeline will be seen as big panel…all these are very useful when you are working with audio in premiere pro instead of using adobe audition.

Meta logging workspace…this is the complete different workspace comparing to all the previously discussed workspace. In this workspace, you’ll see project panel opened wide like the timeline, in the above and there will be no timeline seen. Beside the project panel metadata panel will be seen where you can write all the valuable comments and text to the clips you select.

Below on the right, you’ll see media browser panel this time and besides it, you’ll find the source and program monitor docked in a single panel and adjacent to it you’ll see markers panel attached.

This workspace is very much useful when you are doing teamwork and want to save the additional information on the clips that help the other editor to understand and work accordingly.

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