Adobe After Effects is a visual effects, motion graphic, and compositing software developed by Adobe Systems and is used in the post-production of Film and also television production.

In after effects you can do keying, rotoscoping, tracking and lots more….In all these tutorials you’ll learn how to work with after effects, 2d title animation, 3d title animation, Rotoscoping, Masking, Tracking, Cloning, Action elements, Keying, Compositing, how to edit a pre-made template. So let’s start it.

Adobe After Effects Interface

Adobe After Effects interface is little similar to adobe premiere pro. Once you open the application you’ll find a welcome screen….its the same screen which you find in adobe premiere pro where you can create a composition & open projects, get help and support and sync settings

Click close on the welcome window and let’s see the interface of the software

Here you’ll see the tools panel on the top, project panel on the left from your view, composition tab in the center, the timeline is below the composition tab and project panel and you’ll find few useful tabs on the right from your view

You’ll be working in the after effects only with the help of tools and you’ll find those tools in the toolbox at the top, in project panel you can import your files, footage’s,etc.,., and you can access compositions through this panel, in composition tab you can preview the timeline.

The timeline is the place where you actually work and is located at the bottom of the interface, with the remaining panels from the right side you can work on effects, titles, etc.. so, in short, this is the after effects interface.

Follow the upcoming posts to learn Adobe After Effects step by step and comment if you have any doubts at any time. We will be happy to clear your doubts.

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