Rendering in Adobe After Effects

Rendering in Adobe After Effects is the final process after working with composition, it’s the process of making your composition or sequence to the final output using codecs and formats based on the requirement.

Now after completing with your project if you want your composition to be uploaded to YouTube or to play on any device you need to render and to render you need to press ctrl+m as a keyboard shortcut or go to file menu and from export click on add to render queue, by clicking this you can render your composition in the after effects itself but if you choose to work on other project and want the file to render on different software click on add to Adobe media encoder queue,

Adobe media encoder is an Adobe rendering application which runs separately… if you want to export your sequence to premiere pro for further editing process click on add to premiere pro project and if you want to work in cinema 4d click on Maxon cinema 4d exporter.

After clicking the add to render queue you’ll see the settings for your file to export.

Click on output module and choose a format and after choosing a format click on format options and choose a codec to render, if you have any alpha channels in your file you can select rgb+alpha from channels options.

If your project has audio you can even customize audio settings at the bottom and click ok.

Now choose a location where to save your output file

If you click a + symbol beside output to option you’ll get another setting and if you customize it you’ll get another output with different format and codec…. This is helpful when you need output in various formats for various devices

After doing all this click render and your final output would be ready soon depending upon your system performance.

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