Premiere Pro Sequence

In this post, you will know everything about the Premiere Pro Sequence, read my previous posts here.

To start editing, first, you need to create a sequence after importing and organizing clips, there are two methods of creating a sequence….one from shortcut ctrl+n second using file menu and other using clip.

  1. Shortcut- you can simply create a new sequence using the keyboard shortcut ctrl+n. pressing this shortcut opens sequence dialog box. choose the perfect settings for your video from presets or give custom settings in setting tab and click ok.
  2. From file menu click on file and hover the mouse over new and choose sequence from the submenu using a clip and this is the best method you can create a new sequence based on exact settings of the video by selecting the clip and choosing a new sequence from the clip. You can do this in two ways select the clip and right click and click new sequence from a clip or select clip and from file new menu click sequence from clip

Let’s talk about the Premiere Pro Sequence settings

sequence settings in premiere pro

When you create a sequence using file menu or shortcut you’ll see sequence settings dialogue box where you find three tabs:

Sequence presets, settings, tracks.

In Premiere Pro Sequence there are many pre-made presets made by adobe premiere pro of different cameras you can choose the camera in which you have recorded or similar camera if available and click ok.

Premiere Pro Sequence

In Premiere Pro Sequence settings you’ll manually set the settings of your project in editing mode where you can choose the camera settings, timebase which is the no. of frames per second you have recorded, frame size in horizontal and vertical, pixel aspect ratio which is which is the aspect ratio of your video, mostly for DSLR’s its square pixels 1.0, fields should be always no fields progressive scan, display format is the display of time and it should be as per your timebase settings.

We should not touch the audio and video preview settings you can change video preview settings if you want a low or high-quality preview.

You can even create your own default sequence preset by just changing these settings and click save preset, you’ll find this preset in sequence presets and you can use whenever you want.

Next, you should give the name of the Premiere Pro Sequence, I give my scene name as the sequence name. Most of the beginners don’t name in the beginning and afterward, if they have a lot of sequences they get confused, remember naming a sequence also comes in organizing media so you should name it.

Next is tracks tab where you’ll set how many video tracks should timeline have in the beginning, you can add more afterward also, then master audio type and audio track types or you can load from the Premiere Pro Sequence which you have already created.

Tracks in Premiere pro sequence

You can change Premiere Pro Sequence settings later also by selecting the sequence and choosing sequence settings from the sequence menu

Now you came to know how to create a Premiere Pro Sequence and by now you have almost completed the basics of adobe premiere pro, in next Post, I will share about editing commands, timeline and about source monitor.

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