In this post, you will know about Replacing clips and nesting sequence in adobe premiere pro, also check out our earlier posts.

Replacing Clips & Footage

If the hard disk on pen drive is ejected and you have used some media from them then you’ll find clips missing and you can relink them.

  • A diagonal line on a clip indicates absent media.
  • You can drag a new shot onto the existing sequence clip you’ll like to replace. Hold Alt key, by holding this modifier key, the replacement clip snaps to fit the exact length of the clip it’s replacing.
  • Premiere Pro synchronizes the first frame (or in point) of replacement clip with the first visible frame of the clip in the sequence when you drag and drop to replace a sequence clip.
  • The Replace Footage feature will replace footage in the project panel so that the clip links to a different media file. Once you replace footage in the project panel, all instances of the clip you replace are changed anywhere the clip was used.
  • The replace footage command cannot be undone.

Nesting Sequence

  • A nested sequence is a sequence contained within another sequence, they allow you to apply an effect to a group of clips in a single step, they simplify editing, and they let you reuse sequence as a source in multiple sequences.
  • To create a nested sequence, you have to drag a sequence from the project panel into the appropriate track or tracks of a currently active sequence.
  • You can create a nested sequence by selecting the clips and right click on them and choose nest and give the name and click ok.

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