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Best video Editing Softwares in the World

Best video editing softwares

Best video Editing Softwares in the World

There are lots of video editing software available in the market but the industry-leading Best video editing softwares are AVID Media Composer, FCP (Final Cut Pro) and Adobe Premiere Pro and in this part, you going to know the advantages and disadvantages of Avid and FCP software.

Avid Media Composer

It’s one of the leading and famous editing software application in the NLE market. It’s an Avid Technology’s product and this software is used mostly by the professionals or senior editors. Many Popular films have been edited on this software in all the film industries across the world. But it is used less in India because mostly for all kind of video works and broadcasting works FCP and adobe premiere pro is only used but AVID is used by senior editors or professionals in the film industry. This software is available for both Mac and windows, but its license is very expensive to buy, comparing to any other nle software. It works flawlessly if videos are converted to its supported DNxHD codec.


FCP (Final Cut Pro)

FCP, it’s another popular nle software in the world and it’s a product of apple and it’s also a most using editing software for feature films, broadcasting content, etc in India. But the sad thing is, it’s available only for mac not for windows so the people who can’t afford to buy a mac cannot work on it unless they rent. It works awesome in its supported video formats and it is like a one-stop for video editor like adobe premiere pro because you can do many things related to the video at one place like adobe premiere pro.


Other NLE Softwares

There are many video editing applications available in the market and each has their own importance and use, but they won’t be used for films and big projects. They are used for wedding editing, normal videos editing, presentation editing etc because they offer lots of effects and plugins and some of the popular among them are pinnacle studio which is a product of AVID, Sony Vegas Pro, Corel video studio, AVS video editor, etc.,

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